South African Bandwidth

We in South Africa are really taking strain with the state of our Internet. Telkom controls the market and a decent connection can cost you about 700 – 1000 bucks a month. This seems nuts. DSTV offers us something 50 channels for 380 a month.

There are a few other options. Sentech and newly launched iBurst offer a wireless solution. For about 454 a month, till March 2005 that is, iBurst gives you some decent bandwidth.

So, after a little deliberation, I decided to go with the iBurst option. 454 is still pretty hectic, but the month to month option is what attracted me. If they become to expensive or the service suffers and can simply turn it off. 

I registered on their site yesterday and as instructed by one of their agents, recieve the laptop unit. Needless to say, it never arrived. Please dont promise something if its not going to be delivered. here’s holding thumbs for delivery today.

I’ll hopefully be making a few more posts from the comfort of home on a styling connection.


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