The Jock

The Jock is now less than a month away. That’s 4 weeks. Not much time when it comes to getting really fit. The race is 150kms in length and has some pretty hectic climbs.
I’m training pretty much everyday, doing Pro Training twice a week, spinning 3 times a week, a long road ride and a couple high intensity time trial type workouts in the evenings. Hopefully this will give me the legs and the lungs to manage the Jock. I suppose proof is in the pudding thou.
This mornings pro training with Kim was pretty hectic, we did 12 x 3 minute hill climbs, my average heart rate was 159 bmp and my max was 183 bmp. 183 is a new record for me, my previous max was about 175 bmp. 
It kinda puts everything in perspective with the Tour De France starting this weekend. Lance and his fellow competitors have to cycle about 3500 km in 21 stages, the longest being stage 17 at 239.5km.

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