Well I did it. I completed the Jock this weekend in Barberton in 5:36. I predicted a time of 5:45 and for my first race in about 3 months I’m happy with the result.
The two climbs were the biggest I’ve ridden but were not the hardest part of the race. I completed the first 100km in just over 3 hours, the last 50km took me about 2:30 to complete. It was a slow gradual climb all the way in to Barberton. I think there were stages I was doing 15 – 20km/h, my legs were finished. I suppose the only way around that is to do some really long slow rides, get the time in the saddle.
I’ll upload my polar details tomorrow, I think I forgot the usb adaptor at home.
Next race is the Monte Casino 100 next weekend. After the jock anything seems like a walk in the park thou.

Comment posted by Ryan
at 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

that last part is always the KILLER!
i hate it!
usually the wind picks up later in the day as well and blows right into your pace…
it’s just so darn difficult to maintain any kind of rythym.

well done though; 5:36 is good!
try beating my pb of 4:25 next year though 😀

July, 2005 3:26 PM (http://dotnet.org.za/ryancrawcour)


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