Liberty Life Cradle Classic Race Report

This weekends race out in Ruimsig was a disappointment. The organisation at the start of the race was a complete mess. Instead of starting the race on the normal wide road leading out of the stadium, the race started on one of the smaller roads within the stadium. What compounded the problems at the start was that there were long lines of cars waiting to get into the parking. Most people including myself resorted to parking on the pavement. I missed the start of the B group, starting with the Cs and a fowl temper.
The 105km route would’ve been a great one except for the wind. Towards the last half of the race, the wind really started to make an impact on the average speeds.
Winning Time timed the race and needless to say my result is not on the site. I’m still trying to get hold of them. Why oh why do races insist on using them instead of championchip. Something must be done! This was also a Argus 2006 seeding event!
My time for the race was about 3:20, hopefully I’ll get my exact time out of Winning Time.
My polar readings

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