Carnival City & Macsteel National Classic – Race Report

Yesterday morning I ventured out to Carnival City on the east rand for the 100km Carnival City & Macsteel National Cassic even thou it looked very overcast. Having rained the night before, I was holding thumbs that it would hold till at least lunch time. I started with the last bunch, GL, as a result of not registering for the race online. As a Argus training ride, I wasn’t too worried about my time thou.
About 5km in the race, the heavens opened. I think it rained for the entire race. To be honest, after a while, I really started to enjoy riding in the rain. The only hassels I had with the rain was the high speed sections, it really hurt!
I completed the ride in 3:09 with a average speed of about 32km/h. A sub 3 for this course is a must. The winners completed the course in 2:16 with an average speed of 44km.

Comment posted by Your wife
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Your wife

Sucker for punishment!!!!

February, 2006 9:06 AM


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