Liberty Ride for Sight – Race Report

Yesterday was my first road race since November’s 94.7. The Liberty Ride for Sight, a 118km, race in Boksburg is a seeding event for the Argus.I started the race just before 7:30 with the D group and felt pretty good at the start. I needed to stop after about 5kms to adjust my saddle post which had slipped right down. Something I should’ve checked before starting the race as I’ve had problems with it before. I rode close to 40km/h for the next hour trying to catch the leading D group riders. luckily, or perhaps unluckily for me, the first half of the route was a quick one with very few hills to speak of. I was picked up by the E group leaders and stayed with them for another hour or so.At the 30km to go mark, my legs were starting to feel pretty tired, the last hour was a tough one.I completed the race just before 11am with a time of 3:37:05, improving on my last years time by about 9 minutes. I would’ve liked my time to be nearer the 3:15 mark. Perhaps next year. With 3 weeks till the Argus. I only have 2 solid weeks of training left. After todays rest day, I’m keen to get back on the bike and put in some decent, high wattage miles.


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