Origami, Microsoft’s iPod killer?

Microsoft is scheduled to announce a new product on the 2nd March. It is rumored to be a Tablet PC style device that will play music, connect to WiFi networks, play games etc. The device will make use of a pen input device as well as buttons on either side of the screen and from early videos will come in two colours: black and beige. This sounds like Microsoft’s iPod rival.link to origamiproject.com, a Microsoft owned site.Update:OrigamiIts not an iPod killer.Its not a portable Xbox.Its not an OQO killer.Its not a PSP killer.its not a Nokia N90 killer either (thanks to Marc Canter for asking about that).its not a Treo 700w killer either (thanks to Dave for pointing that out).its not a Palm killer either.So, what is Origami?Visit http://channel9.msdn.com on Thursday and youll see.Source Scobleizer


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