Training Peaks

I’ve owned the Computrainer for about two months now and am loving it. I ride most mornings and find both the CompuTrainer and Netathlon courses very good workouts. I’ve also joined the NetAthlon winter leagues on It forces me to have a full effort ride every couple of weeks. I then upload my performances which are ranked on the league’s ladder.I feel thou that I need a decent training program that will allow me to reach the goals I’ve set myself this season. After looking around for sometime, I’ve decided to go for the CompuTrainer Plans offered by A 14 week plan costs $99 and comes with CompuTrainer .ERG files which are loaded into the CompuTrainer. All you need to do is pedal, the trainer displays the power, speed and duration of your workout. Compared to other products out there, the TrainingPeak plains are by far the most cost effective.Along with the plans you also get a trial online subscription. With the subscription you can log all your workouts via the web and monitor your progress. I’m not sure if I’ll make use of the online tools, I’ve got a copy of CyclingPeaks and am very happy with it.I’ll post updates on how the program is going, hopefully they’ll help with the training for next months Argus.


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