claimID – Claim your Web Identity

Have you ever done a Google search for your name and not been at the top of the results, or wished that you could change the order of the results. i.e. have the most relavant or latest sites and stories about you at the top? Well then claimID is for you.claimID allows you to create a page listing all your web identities, so you would add your blog, your links, stories about you, articles written by you etc. Anyone then, including yourself, doing a Google search will find you. The “you” that you want to represent on the web. You can order and group the links as you wish.clamID also allows you to add links that are not about you. i.e. if there is another person out there with the same name as you, you could add their blog etc. So if a potential employer was searching for you, they would know that those links are not yours.The site is currently in private beta, but thats to Inside the Net, you can register without an invite by clicking this link. link to my claimID pagesee some favorite examples in the wild on the claimID blog


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