Installing Vodacom’s 3G HSDPA

After hearing about the unpublicized free 3G data card swap-out from a friend in the industry, I promptly made my way to the nearest Vodashop to get my speedy new data card.The new data card shipped with version 6 of the Vodafone Mobile Connect software. After installing the software, installing my sim card and plugging the device into my laptop… It never worked. The error I was getting was a sim card related error. I think I tried to remove the card and the sim about 3 or 4 times before giving up and calling the Vodacom help lines. A couple people later, I was told that I was given the incorrect version of the software and to make my way to the nearest Vodashop to collect version 7 of the software.A young clerk at the Fourways Vodashop took some convincing to understand that version 6 does not work with my brand of data card. I think she still might not believe it. She actually told me to download version 7 if I needed it. mmm, not sure how without a working internet connection.Finally, the store manager assisted me and wrote the software, a cd iso image, on to a blank cd. I’m not sure how an average customer is meant to know how to open and iso file.So after all the effort in the world, I managed to get connection on the brand new speedy 3G HSDPA service offered by Vodacom. Quicker than Telkoms ADSL they say. mmm…My initial tests gave me speeds of 181kb and 260kb, pretty far off the mark if you ask me. I’m not sure what to think anymore. Are we South African’s ever going to have a decent Internet experience…Link to HSDPA Product Page advertising 1.8 megabots a second. Yeah right!


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