Shopify – e-commerce made easy

Today, loads of time and money are required to sell a product on the internet. An average, no frills, e-commerce site will set you back in the region of R10k to R25k here in South Africa. Unless you personally are a developer with loads of free time or you have loads of spare cash, you will not be able to offer your products on the internet. Shopify aims to solve these problems with a simple, easy to use e-commerce site builder that allows you to quickly create a very professional looking web presence. The shop admin section has features such as products, product collections, blogs and pages, navigation, look & feel etc. Additional factors that make Shopify extremely attractive are:

  • Your shop is hosted for you – No monthly hosting costs, automatic updates and centralized product search
  • All you need is a modern browser, no additional installs.
  • It’s Free! There is no cost in creating a shop. Shopify only earn 3.75% commission on all successful sales. If you don’t make money, neither do they.
  • Support for Pay-Pal and all major credit cards
  • Support for various countries including South Africa.
  • Sell your products in your currency. Yes even in South African Rands.
  • 40mb storage space

Shopify is currently in private beta. Signup if you are at all interesting in setting up your own corner shop on the internet.Link

Comment posted by Marc
at 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

I received an invitiation today, and so far, it looks quite cool. Not sure what i’m goign to see yet, but it seems simple enough to set up. Only problem so far is they need a credit card, where they deduct thier commision off of. Another is paypal is not able to “send” you money in SA, which is another bummer

May, 2006 8:33 PM (


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