Firefly comming to South Africa

Starting the 7th June at 19:00, ActionX will be broadcasting the cult favorite Firefly.

“Firefly takes an action-packed journey 500 years into the future on
board The Serenity, a transport spaceship that doesn’t have a planet to
call home. In the wake of a universal civil war, Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’
Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), leads the crew of The Serenity. Thrust
together by necessity, this group of disparate men and women seek
adventure and the good life, but face constant challenges on the new
frontier – like avoiding capture by the ruling Alliance, and evading
death at the hands and mouths of the Reavers (human, flesh-eating
mongrels who live on the fringes of the universe). The Firefly crew
will undertake any job – legal or not – to stay afloat.”

I purchased the DVD set of the first and only season along with the movie based on the same story, Serenty, a couple of months back after hearing about it on the Slice of SciFi podcast. I instantly feel in love with the story and the characters. To my disbelief the show was cancelled after only one season. With many fan sites such as around, lets hope the powers-that-be decide to bring back the show.Another SciFi show starting my ActionX this month is Surface. Surface starts on the 5th June at 22:00.

“Surface starting Monday 5 June at 22:00, is a global adventure series
about the appearance of mysterious sea creatures in the deep ocean, and
tracks the lives of four different characters. Circumstances beyond
their control bring these four strangers together as the mystery
deepens. Starring Laura Daughtery (Lake Bell,
Boston Legal),
as the young oceanographer who discovers the secret; Dr. Aleksander
Cirko (Rade Sherbedegia, Snatch), as the government scientist who tries
to keep things under wraps; Richard Owen (Jay R. Ferguson, Judging
Amy), as the Louisiana fisherman who loses his brother in a suspicious
diving accident; and Miles (Carter Jenkins), as the young boy who
brings the creatures ashore.

The action packed story follows the teenager as he raises the sea
monster in a suburban garage, and admires the young dedicated
oceanographer as she takes unbelievable risks to get to the bottom of
the mystery.”


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