Internet Explorer 7 RC1

I’ve been trying to uninstall IE 7 beta 1 since first installing it about 6 months ago. For some reason it was removed from my installed progreams list and proved impossible to uninstall. I tried everything but formatting my machine.
All updates since beta 1 required that you first uninstall beta 1 before applying the update. This morning when I was reading about the new RC 1 release, I downloaded it expecting the get the usual error message. “Please unistall beta 1 before proceeding.” To my delight this was not the case. The update installed first time with no problems.
I’ve been a keen Firefox user for sometime now but have been using the new IE this morning just because I can. To be honest I kinda prefer the new IE. I’m not sure why, perhaps because it so much like Firefox. All I need is an spellchecker and I’ll be competely converted.
Link to the RC1 Download

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