Move Review: Miami Vice

My wife was invited to the premier of the new Michael Mann movie, Miami Vice on Tuesday night. It was hosted by Jacaranda FM at Monte Casino in Fourways Johannesburg. After to being treated to snacks and cocktails we shown to our seats with some free popcorn and a soft drink.The cinematic update of the 80’s TV hit was nothing like what I remembered the show to be. After getting over the fact that the old Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs were no longer strutting their stuff, and accepting that Colin Farrel and Jamie Fox were there to stay, I was quickly sucked into the dangerous world of Miami Vice.Amazing fight scenes with truly awesome sound effects put you right in the action. The gun battle towards the end of the movie being the best I’ve seen for ages, if not ever. I’d highly recommend the movie and give it a 4/5!


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