Race Report – Cansa Lost City Classic

I left home at about 5:30 Saturday morning to get to the start of this years Lost City Classic. The scenic drive around Hartbeesport Dam took me about 2 hours. I arrived with about 30 minutes spare to prepare for the start of the race.

I took part in the 2004 race, missing last years due to my wife being 8 months pregnant. Hard to believe, but Amy turns 1 next month. My time in 2004 was 2:57 for the 103km.

With not much time for a warm up and a little chaos getting to the starting line, I started the race with the rest of the B group at 07:55. The initial pace was pretty quick even although the wind was fairly strong. I battled to stay in touch with the main bunch for most of the race, spending quite a bit of time alone and not being able to close the gap.

I reached the 20km to go marker after 2:30 and realized that 3 hours was out of reach. I completed the 103km in a time of 3:16 with an average speed of 32km. Although disappointed with my time, I’m pretty happy with my ride knowing that was great preparation for the rest of the season.

This Sunday is the Monte Casino Rotary 100 race just up the road from my house. Last years race was not the greatest due to the traffic on the narrow roads towards Hartbeesport Dam. This years race sees a revised longer route, 116.5km, with additional safety features. I think this is going to be a tough one with an expected time of about 3:40.


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