Race Report – Monte Casino Rotary 100

Last Sunday was pretty much one of the hardest races I’ve completed except for the 150km Jock. This was the second year that Monte Casino had hosted the event with last years receiving criticism due to dangerous traffic conditions along the route.

After receiving an invitation via email detailing a new longer route and safer conditions, I decided to enter the event. The entry fee was R160 for the 116km which is not far behind the R220 entry fee for the Argus.

I started the race with my usual B group at 06:55 and was feeling really strong for the first 3 hours. I was really enjoying the ride and managed to gain quite a bit of time on most of the bunch due to the number of hills.

After passing the 30km to go marker, I starting feeling really tired. I battled to keep my cadence up and had to resort to dropping down to easier gears for the rest of the race. Needless to say that I was extremely happy to see Monte Casino after 4:21 on the rode.

We off to Midmar for the Howick Highlander Road Challenge on Sunday the 17th. I’m really looking forward to riding is what must be the most beautiful part of the country. The route profile looks pretty nuts.


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