Why did I not think of that?

I seem to always have something in my mouth. Anything from pens, bottle caps, pieces of plastic etc. When playing a round of golf, I often find myself with my golf tee in my mouth. I’ve never given the taste much thought until now that is…

Flavoured golf tees…

US inventors John Packes and Ramon Peralta have come up a product line called Tasty Golf Tees in various flavours including mint, cherry, strawberry, and grape.

Mint is the strongest-tasting flavour in the range.

“It will knock out the foulest of cigar, beer breath within five seconds,” Packes of Norwalk, Connecticut, said on Tuesday.

Packes said they came up with the idea while walking along the fairway one day and noticing that many golfers popped a tee in their mouth as they headed to the next hole or waited to tee up.

Tasty Golf Tees, which cost about 25 cents each, are made from uncoated wood, which is sanitized and flavoured. They look and play like regular wooden golf tees.


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