UFC 66

6am Sunday Morning, South African time, was time for one of the biggest UFC fights of 2006. Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz live from Vegas. The fight was not available via any provider here in South Africa. The only way to see it here was over the Internet for a price of about R280.

The fight was awesome with the build up matching any of the bigger boxing fights. Tito looked in amazing shape and was my favorite before the fight.

The fight lasted 3 rounds with Tito taking a real beating at the end of Round 1. It really amazed me how much punishment he could take. Tito managed to ground Chuck in the second but was unable to hold him down. Chuck is the master of counter attack and quickly gained the upper hand again.

The fight was stopped about 3:30 minutes into the third round with Tito being bombarded with shots on the ground. It seemed that he was effectively protected himself, but the official didn’t think so.

It has to be said that Chuck is the ultimate fighter, I’m really not sure that any of the current fighters stand a chance. Remember that this is a man of 37.

I cant wait for UFC 67…

Link to the official UFC Site.


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