Tivo allows anyone to be a broadcaster

I proposed an idea of mine to Multichoice about 18 months ago. The idea was a simple one, allow anyone to produce and share content via the DSTV PRV decoder.

For example, a podcaster would be able to upload his show on cycling. He could either publish it publicly or privately. Cyclists, or anyone interested in cycling could then, via their remote subscribe to the show. Through the wonders of existing technology, the show would be pushed to the subscriber’s PVR as and when a new episode became available.

The potential for the idea is huge and opens up endless possibilities. Just imagine a school publishing private learning material to each of their students, companies producing their own channels etc.

Interest was shown, but action was non existant.

I read today that Tivo have introduced the same idea. The ability to broadcast home movies. The feature allows you to send home movies and photo slide shows from your computer directly into the “Now Playing” list of other Tivo users. All you need to do is share a generated code with the users you wish to share your content with.

Another awesome feature launched by Tivo is Cellphone programming. This feature allows you to record shows from anywhere in the world.

Other amazing features currently on offer include:

  • Weather and traffic
  • Movie Listings
  • Internet Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Guru Guide
  • Music and Photos

I can only wonder how many years it will take Multichoice to play catch up. Why do we South Africans always have to be a step behind. In this case, a couple of steps.

Ref: The New Your Times – TiVo Plays a Trump Card: Web Smarts


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