BBC to offer archive online

In a trial, the BBC is to offer 20 000 people in the UK the ability to access full-length programmes as well as scripts and notes from their vast archive. The trial will make available 1000 hours of content drawn from a mix of genres to the closed group and about 50 hours for general access.

People interested should register at

From the BBC Archive Website:

The BBC is looking for people to join a six-month trial in which 20,000 UK residents will get free access to hundreds of programmes from the BBC archive, including reports of historic events as they happened, ground-breaking documentaries, soaps, action-packed children’s shows, sumptuous dramas, and comedy shows that thrilled the nation.

This is something Multichoice should really look at doing for the South African market. There must be a huge demand for all their archived footage. It’s far better than having it lie in some library. Charging for such content might prove to be a really good business model.

Link to BBC News Article


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