Telkom does Broadband

Telkom has just launched their new Do Broadband portal. The offering is to introduce the ability to get your broadband access from one supplier rather than Telkom and an ISP.

The site currently lists 3 levels:

  • Level 1: R279 pm
    1 Gig @ 384kbps
  • Level 2: R364 pm
    2 Gig @ 384kbps
  • Level 3: R675 pm
    3 Gig @ 4Mbps

I think I know now why our ISPs are concerned about this. Other than pay-as-you-go ADSL, I’m not sure why you would opt to use an ISP.

From a article

The Do Portal will give customers access to a variety of Internet based value added services such as the ability to download the latest music tracks, viewing movie previews, booking tickets online and even going on a virtual game drive by accessing WildEarth on the Do Portal.

The Portal will give customers access to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Entertainment Africa, Webmail and access to the most comprehensive and popular gaming service in South Africa.

Update: has posted an article on how the new Telkom offering compares with other local offerings. They list a Cost/GB/Mbps breakdown for all local services. Seems like the new Level 3 plan from Telkom is the most cost effective. Link


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