Great article on our new neighbourhood – Hillcrest

From the article:

… Once upon a time, Hillcrest was the Rip van Winkle of KZN’s prosperous Upper Highway area – a somnolent hamlet bordering the Valley of a Thousand Hills and surrounded by sweeping farmland, pastures and cane fields.

… Then, all at once – and to those of us who live in the area it really did seem to happen overnight – there was a volcanic eruption of building and commercial development that transformed the town into a seething commercial hub within the blink of a developer’s eye.

… Hillcrest homes now range from around R1.2-million to R3.5-million. At the lower figure, you can expect a compact, no-frills three-bedroom home with double garage on half an acre.

… As for the traffic congestion, an estimated R60-million upgrade of the town’s main roads is underway. Some of the work – including road widening and new traffic lights – has already been completed, although officials say extensive roadworks in the greater Hillcrest region could take a good three to four years to complete.

… other factors that have led to the Hillcrest boom: first, there’s the release of large tracts of developable farmland around Inanda Road. There’s also the excellent schools and country living away from the urban blight of central Durban. And an avalanche of new developments sold free of transfer duty.

… Located 35 kilometres from the Indian Ocean and 650m above sea level, it isn’t prone to the suffocating summer heat of the coast. As a result, say environmentalists, the area has one of the healthiest climates in the world, with an average summer temperature of 24ºC and an annual mean of just under 18ºC.

Link to the full article

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Ryan CrawCour

so you’re trying to say you’re being paid far too much? 😛

April, 2007 11:58 AM (


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