Product Review: Nike+

Whilst at Gateway this weekend, we popped into the Nike shop to have a look at their running apparel. A promotional video caught my eye as I walked in, it was advertising the new Nike+ running accessory for the iPod Nano. To my surprise, I found that is was on sale for R280. My only concern is that I needed a pair of Nike running shoes. The sensor, which measures your speed and distance, is mounted into the sole of the shoe.

nike.jpgAfter a little research online, I found that you could easily mount the sensor on a normal pair of running shoes. My wife did me a favor and picked up the Nike+ yesterday and at 6am this morning, I was getting ready for my first Nike+ run. I simply cut a neat slit in my left shoes tongue and slipped the sensor in. It was held firmly in place by my laces.

The setup is pretty easy with all the config ext being done on the Nano. I selected a 45 minute workout and ran my normal 8km route along the coast here in Umhlanga. Having a friendly woman’s voice let me know how long I’ve been running for every 5 minutes is pretty awesome after you’ve gotten used to it.

After my run, the nano displayed a summary screen detailing my total distance, calories burnt and my total time. These details are then uploaded to the Nike+ website during a normal iPod sync.

The Nike+ website is really cool. Its a full flash site that allows you to view your personal history and personal best times. It also allows you to compare your performances with other runners from across the world. I’m not sure if I’d ever get to the 6500km that the leader has clocked up.

If you already have an iPod Nano and are a keen runner, I’d definitely recommend picking up the Nike+.


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