Remix in South Africa

From Ahmed’s blog

Remix in South Africa

Earlier this month we did MIX in Las Vegas and the feedback from the event was very positive. The good news is that we will be doing a lightweight version called Remix in Johannesburg – for free. There will be speakers coming out from Europe for this event.

The event is intended not just for developers but also designers and dev managers.

The tentative topics look like this. Note that the topics can change. In some cases there is some overlap with Devdays (done on purpose as Remix is in Johannesburg only) so you might want to look at what sessions you attend at Devdays if you intend going to both events.

Developer Track:

  1. Understand the future of web development
  2. Gain insight into how Visual studio “Orcas” will enable you to efficiently build AJAX applications
  3. Go deep with Silverlight
  4. Understand how to implement rich UI for web applications
  5. Learn how to mash-up Windows Live capabilities into your own applications.

Designer Track:

  1. Go deep on Expression Studio,
  2. Look at Windows Presentation Foundation in detail
  3. Understand how to design for Silverlight
  4. See how rich media can be used to optimise search engine results
  5. Understand how to work with video production,
  6. See real world examples of WPF in action.

Dates & Venues

Johannesburg: Monte Casino, (Johannesburg), 26th June 2007
To Register, click, Remix ‘07


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