External Laptop Graphics Card

I bought a Dell laptop for work about 18 months ago. Its a pretty awesome machine that has served me well. I recently installed Vista on it and its still smiling. The only thing it currently cant do is run Aero and play any graphic intensive games. I opted for the default graphics card, it was after all a work machine.

SlashGear has today posted an article on a new product that will solve my problems.

The ExpressBox allows you to hook up a PCI-E video card via your ExpressCard slot to greatly improve your system’s graphics. Bear in mind that you can only currently use single-width cards that use less than 55 watts of power. But still, there are plenty of cards out there that meet that criteria and will significantly boost your performance.

Costing $729 for the device and that’s without a graphics card puts it well out of my price range. Lets hope the price drops before my laptop becomes a true relic.



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