If you have ever needed to upload files to an FTP site from behind a restrictive proxy, or needed to quickly edit a remote file from a public terminal then you need to give Workspace a try.

The service, which is still be beta, allows you to:

  1. Connect to multiple ftp servers
  2. Create, rename and delete files and folders
  3. Upload and download files
  4. Download archived folders
  5. Cut/copy and paste files and folders



2 Responses to “FTP Over HTTP”

  1. TeraBlogger Says:

    It would be very cool, if it work fine. I’ll try it. It’s very usefull thing for me.

  2. lance Says:

    another way – install a locally Tunnelex and create ftp over http tunnel (http://tunnelex.net/product/ftp-tunneling).

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