Is JQuery getting the upper hand?

The current state of available JavaScript frameworks is a healthy one. The new Prototype 1.51 looks impressive and introduces loads of cool new features and improvements. Some of them include:

– Selector speedup and full CSS3 support
– Full JSON encoding and decoding
– Various String method enhancements and fixes
– Link to full changelog

I’ve only recently been introduced to JQuery via ExtJS and I’m really impressed with the punch it packs in such a small package (19kb).

News today is that the latest version of WordPress (2.2) has opted for JQuery over Prototype. WordPress used to include Prototype in version 2.1. The decision goes back to December 28, 2006 when Matt posted critical look at Prototype Js.

I’ve used both versions in production applications and have recently tried the latest Prototype version 1.51. To be honest, I’ve personally opted for JQuery after a rather simple CSS selector failed to work for me. Perhaps I was a little to quick to judge, but so far, I’m really happy with the move.

The author of JQuery, John Resig, recently described the role of JavaScript libraries in the world of frontend engineering over at YUI Theater. This is highly recommended for any JavaScript developer.


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