Digg Interface Suggestion

I’m a huge fan of Digg and find myself checking the site a couple of times a day for cool news. One of my frustrations is the number of page reloads basic site usage requires.

A great Digg feature is the Top 10 in all topics right panel. If you’d like to read the story thou, you need to click the headline and wait for the page to refresh. The same applies if you digg into the main categories listed at the top of the site.

My suggestion would be to introduce Google Reader like scrolling, i.e. dynamically load content as the user scrolls down the page. This would eliminate the need for pagination and offer the user a bottomless hole to digg into. This technique was successfully used during the first few versions of Microsoft’s Live search results.

The right panel and the categories should also expand without delay.

Digg already makes use of both the Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript frameworks and with a little added ajax magic, these suggestions could be implemented fairly painlessly.


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