Landis Hearing: He Said – He Said

The current state of professional cycling is a disgrace. As a keen cyclist, I love to watch the major events of the year. The Tour de France has been a sporting highlight for me over the past 3 years. This year, I really don’t know if I’ll invest the time in watching the tour.

As if from a movie script, former TDF winner, Greg LeMond, testified last week that Floyd Landis admitted to doping during a heart-to-heart conversation in 2006. LeMond then later received a threatening message from an unknown source who was found to be Landis’s manager. Landis has subsequently fired his manager.

The latest news is that Floyd Landis has now testified to his innocence under oath. He vigorously denied the charge that he ever took testosterone or any banned substances during his cycling career. He also rejected the claim of Greg LeMond that he admitted to doping.

“Well they should believe me because people are defined by their principles and how they make their decisions. To me, bicycle racing was rewarding for the pure fact that I was proud of myself when I put the work into it, and I could see results and get something out of it.”

“Whatever those results were, as long as I knew that I did the work, that I earned what I got, that was satisfying for me – obviously trying to win – some win more than others – but nevertheless, it’s a matter of who I am. And it wouldn’t serve any purpose for me to cheat and win the Tour because I wouldn’t be proud of it and that’s just not what the goal was in the end.”

I cant wait for the ending!


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