More on the St Tropez shooting

  1. Playing dead saved my life – IOL

    “Brandon Stirk’s life will never be the same again. He was one of four people who were shot during Saturday night’s dramatic robbery at Durban’s popular St Tropez restaurant and believes he survived by playing dead when a gang of robbers “crashed” a private function.”

    “Police spokesperson Superintendent Vincent Mdunge said people should rest assured that these robberies were isolated incidents.”


  2. Crime Wave – The Mercury

    “So brazen are these criminal gangs becoming that they are prepared to attack innocent patrons in public places like restaurants, as happened at the popular St Tropez pavement restaurant on Durban’s Berea on Saturday night, with tragic results.”


  3. I will not close down – IOL

    “He will not be cowed by criminals. This is the vow of restaurateur Larry Goldberg after the horrific killing of a patron and the shooting of several others at his popular St Tropez restaurant on Saturday evening.”

    “Mdunge said no arrests have yet been made, but police were working hard to track down the robbers.”

    “The men fled in a white minibus taxi and a grey Opel Corsa, she said.”



One Response to “More on the St Tropez shooting”

  1. john Says:

    Mdunge said the police were ‘working hard to track down the robbers’…does he not mean MUDERERS???

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