Tour de France, got a spare R66k?

VIP Sports Tours and Championchip have a special currently running which offers up to 22% discount on the three packages below. (Click the package headers for full details)

Package 1
16-22 July.
Accommodation, all meals, test riding SCOTT bikes, luxury private coach travel & VIP Accreditation included.
Price: 2750 euros*

Package 2:
14-21 July.
Accommodation, breakfasts & dinner, luxury coach travel & participation in the Etape du Tour (an actual stage of the Tour de France)
Price: 3050 euros*

Package 3:
23-30 July.
Accommodation, all meals (including a dinner-show at le Lido/Crazy Horse on Day 7),
test riding SCOTT bikes, luxury coach travel, grandstand seats for the final stage on the Champs-Elysees & VIP Accreditation included.
Price: 3250 euros*

*all prices exclude flights

So lets do a quick calculation: I’ll use the middle package for an idea of total cost.

  1. Package 2 (3050 euros) =
    +- R29 200.00
  2. Flights from Durban to France and Back (SAA Economy) =
    +- R26 500.00
  3. I’d estimate at least R10 000.00 for spending money.

That’s a massive R65 700.00 for a week at the Tour de France. With the current state of cycling, I really think you have to be crazy or have way too much money to consider spending this.

I guess I’ll be watching the highlights on Super Sport.


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