Should WordPress be liable for blog content?

An interesting question has arisen from a local South African story about a male prostitute blogger who has posted details about 50 men who he claims to have had sex with. He has mentioned 10 prominent South Africans on his blog, including ex Springbok James Small.

Should a blog hosting company be responsible for the content on their blogs? Can they be held liable for comments posted and should they remove a blog if asked to do so? An article on News24 says that legal letters had been sent to the website that hosted the blog.

I’m very interested to see how this story pans out.

Read the News24 Article: James Small slams sex blog


One Response to “Should WordPress be liable for blog content?”

  1. Janaee Says:

    Well, how I see it, is that a blog hosting company is like an ISP and therefore cannot be held liable but should remove any defamatory statements from their site.

    It is also highly dependant on their liability clause, that they have hopefully posted on their site.

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