Podcast Novel makes it to the big time

From Publishers Weekly:

Scott Sigler’s forthcoming thriller, Infested, has been selected as the next book-to-film project for Random House Films. The spring 2008-slated Crown novel, which is the first in what’s expected to be at least a two-book series, will be brought to the screen in partnership with Rogue Pictures (a sister company to the studio aligned with RH Films, Focus Features).

For you Sigler fans, Infested is Scott’s hit podcast novel called Infection. You can subscribe to the free novel via any podcast catcher with the following RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/scottsigler

Infection is a great story and well worth the download. It will keep you glued to your MP3 player for hours!



3 Responses to “Podcast Novel makes it to the big time”

  1. Shaun Trennery Says:

    The author of Infection just posted a comment on my blog. How cool is that. I unfortunately posted a revised version of the post and his comment was on the old version.

    This is his comment.

    Author : Scott Sigler
    Hey thanks for posting! This is pretty exciting stuff.

  2. smsand Says:


    Wait? What am I saying? I’m supposed to be his currently exiled rival.

    Arrrgh! Curses! I’ll get you yet, Sig!

    Whew! There. Wouldn’t want anyone to know I actually like the guy. 😉

  3. jienel Says:

    wow, thats good.

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