Mother Reunion

MotherReunion(180)A real blast from my past is set to make a comeback. Mother raves were huge, attracting thousands of party goers. I remember being all nervous the afternoon of the event and getting dressed up in crazy rave fashion of the day. Most of the events where at the Park Station in Johannesburg. Mother Raves were awesome!

From Derek “The Bandit’s” Blog:

It is now official…

Mother Reunion will take place on Friday 29th June 2007.
The venue is No.1 Rissik Street Johannesburg.

DEREK”TheBandit” 04h00 – 06h00
The Famous Bacon & Egg Set!

The cost per ticket is R150.
All are VIP.
This is limited to 1,000 tickets only.

More details at:


13 Responses to “Mother Reunion”

  1. Peter White Says:

    Please be advised that this event is illegal and is making unauthorised use of the Mother logo and trademark. Any further use of this will result in legal action being take against all parties. Regards

    Peter White

  2. Mother Reunion Update « These are the days Says:

    […] Link to my original post […]

  3. Walter Says:

    this is a hoax!!! refer to Mother owner Peter White’s response above

  4. Techno Tannie Says:

    The ‘Mother’ brand & the events themselves were indeed representative of an era & a headspace! Those days & memories belong to the past where I believe they should remain! besides, no-one has any right to use the Mother brand without the permission of its owner, who hasn’t given it!

  5. Shaun Trennery Says:

    Belong in the past it does, but we are lacking similar events of comparable size. I’m sure there is or will be a huge market for an official Mother Reunion.

  6. StB Says:

    Hey, am desperately looking for any of the mix CD’s from the Mother opera’s..

    Peter if you read this…

    Tho yer a bastard, best thing you ever did was The Mother at The station…

  7. JP Says:

    Please let me know if there are any more tickets availible i’ve got some friends coming out from the UK, they would realy like to go.

  8. David Brinson Says:


    Anyone know where I can buy a copy of mother mix one?


    Thank you…

  9. albert barnard Says:

    Just to let every body know i am the new owner of the mother brand and it is up for sale, i own the trade mark.

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