Facebook Platform Analysis

Marc Andreessen has posted a great blog post on the newest version of the Facebook Platform. He provides an overview and analysis of the platform and what has been learnt since it launched on the 24th May.

Here are a view key points from the post:

  1. In a nutshell, the Facebook API enables outside web developers to inject new features and content into the Facebook environment.
  2. Facebook is providing a full suite of APIs — including a network protocol, a database query language, and a text markup language — that allow third party applications to integrate tightly with the Facebook user experience and database of user and activity information.
  3. Facebook is promising economic freedom — third-party applications can run ads and sell goods and services to their hearts’ content.
  4. the most architecturally interesting aspect of the Facebook platform is the fact that everything routes through Facebook’s servers.
  5. When you develop a new Facebook application, you submit it to the directory and someone at Facebook Inc. approves it — or not.

    If your application is not approved for any reason — or if it’s just taking too long — you apparently have the option of letting your application go out “underground”.

Link to the full post


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