DVDs Online: South Africa’s Netflix

While driving around our neighborhood here in Gillitts this morning, I was handing a ad for a DVD service, called DVDs Online. It seems to follow the very successful business module of Netflix in the States. The ad reads:

“Rent unlimited DVDs for as little as R8.50 per day delivered to your door”
“No late return fees”

Its the first time I’ve heard of such a service here in South Africa, but their website says that they’ve been operational since 2004.

From their site:

Select your movies at sign-up and they should arrive in your mailbox in about 1 business day via scooter delivery. When you finish watching your allocation of movies, simply drop them in the nearest drop box. After we receive them, we’ll send your next available allocation from your wish list.

More Than 5000 Movies -We have a wide selection of movies — everything from classics to new releases. Our web site is available 24 hours a day and makes finding movies simple and convenient.

Package Options

  1. Director
    (4 DVD’s per delivery – unlimited deliveries ) R 260.00 p/m
  2. Producer
    (3 DVD’s per delivery – limited to 6 deliveries per month) R 220.00 p/m
  3. Co-Producer
    (3 DVD’s per delivery – limited to 4 deliveries per month) R 180.00 p/m
  4. Editor
    (2 DVD’s per delivery – limited to 4 deliveries per month) R 140.00 p/m
  5. Weekender
    (3 DVD’s per weekend) R 180.00 p/m
  6. Weekender Deluxe
    (5 DVD’ per weekend) R 260.00 p/m
  7. Contract
    (3 DVD’s per delivery – 6 deliveries within 6 month period)

I’ve decided to give the site a try and registered for the Editor package. What a like is that you can cancel your account at anytime with no cancellation fee. I also really like the idea of a revolving wish list. The only problem I can foresee is how to keep my selections being replaced with those of my wife and daughter.

I’m interested to see where the drop off locations are and which areas they operate in. I take it that since I got a ad in my area they operate here. There are no further details on their site.

Regarding the site, my first impressions are that it needs a lot of work. The model lends itself to an amazing site offering reviews, friends, online previews, RSS feeds etc etc. The overall experience of looking for and adding titles to your wish list feels very Web 1.0. I’m not sure who developed the site, but hope they have these and other features in the works.

I’ll post and update on the service once I’ve received my first batch of movies.


See the comments for this post for a response from DVDs Online.
They have some exciting new features in the pipeline.


4 Responses to “DVDs Online: South Africa’s Netflix”

  1. Estelle Marx Says:

    Hi there
    Would like to know where the drop-off boxes will be and where to obtain a list of available DVD’s. I think there is a need for such a service in SA

    E Marx

  2. Shane James Says:

    Hi Shaun

    Thanks for you input. We agree 100% about some of your suggestions. These are the following updates to the site that you should see in the next few months.

    DVD reviews and rating
    Multiple wishlists (for the wife and kids)
    Affliate program
    News/chat room

    The drop boxes in your area will be up shortly but the franchisee is focusing on a pickup and delivery to your door. So fill out the wishlist and wait for the delivery.

    Kind regards
    Shane James

  3. Acting Tips Says:

    Acting Tips

    Interesting article, Thanks for sharing.

  4. cog Says:

    hey.. i got that flier too while driving down old main.. looks promising once it develops a bit.


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