Celebrity Blogs

Initial list from TVSquad.com
Updated 1 July 2007.

  1. John Hodgman – The PC Guy from the Apple Mac Ads
  2. Alec Baldwin – Movie Actor
  3. Bill Maher – Actor and TV Host
  4. B.J. Novak – Actor from the Office
  5. Jenna Fischer – Pam from the Office
  6. Wil Wheaton – Actor from Stand by Me and Star Trek Generations
  7. Scott Adams – The Author of Dilbert
  8. Jane Espenson – Writer on shows like Angel, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, BSG
  9. David Hewlett – Stargate Atlantis Actor
  10. Greg Beeman – Director and producer of Heroes
  11. David Byrne – Former Talking heads frontman
  12. Mark Cuban – Entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner
  13. Jeff Bridges – Actor from The Big Lebowski, Fearless etc.


66 Celebrities that Blog


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