Ext JS: Simply the best Ajax and UI Components

I’ve been working with Ext JS for about 6 months now and have really grown to love it. Ext offers what must be the best UI components available today. No matter your preference for JavaScript library, Ext is for you. It offers full support for jQuery, Prototype and YUI.

News from Ajaxian is that Sanjiv Jivan has created a Google Web Toolkit wrapper. Here are links to the wrapper and his Feed Viewer sample application.

Other Ext news is that the Eclipse plugin, Spket IDE, now supports Ext. It now provides features like code completion, syntax highlighting and content outline. I downloaded the IDE yesterday, and the intellisense is really something! Visual Studio 2008 promises JavaScript intellisense but will need to go a long way to beat this. Simply point Spket IDE at the latest Ext source directory, and it does the rest.


Scott Guthrie from Microsoft has just posted a great article on JavaScript Intellisense in VS 2008.
It looks pretty awesome!

If you keen to start learning Ext, be sure to check out the tutorials. The are currently over 10 which cover pretty much every aspect of Ext.

Best news is that Jack Slocum, the author of Ext, has released a glimpse of the future 2.0 release with the following samples:

  1. Feed Reader
  2. Ext Grid

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