Online Code Snippet Repository

Code Snippets is a great little site that offers a online repository of code snippets. Anyone can register and post their favorite snippets. All code is tagged making the site really simple to use. There are currently only 29 users but I’m sure the idea will catch on.

I’m a big fan of Code search sites like Krugle and Google Code Search, but I often battle to find exactly what I’m looking for. The concept of tagging, the same as that used by GMail, is perfect and makes the process of finding exactly what you looking for really quick and simple.

Link to the site.


4 Responses to “Online Code Snippet Repository”

  1. Haacked Says:

    Interesting. That actually gives me an idea for One challenge of putting together a snippet database is that it ignores the huge wealth of code already out there.

    The question is how do we create incentives for people to tag code found in our search engine. Not only that, would developers be interested in some sort of format for tagging code directly in the code? For example, in the comments?

  2. STUBHUB Tips, Tricks and Tools Says:


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  3. Vineet Dwivedi Says:

    If you are impressed by this then you should look at . They have really matured this.

  4. SIFE Says:

    koders to me is not good since it search in source code project not project description or title so any newbie like he will not find it useful .
    some sites give a simple project including all user’s level :

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