Free Parental Control for the Web

glubble_180x60_3.gifBeing the father of a young child I find the Internet a pretty scary place. Our child is still too young to understand what the Internet is but she will soon be using it as part of her everyday life. When she does start using the Web, I’d like to fully control the sites that she may and may not access.

Read/WriteWeb has posted an article on a new Firefox plugin that adds parental control to Firefox. Glubble fully re-skins the browser providing a simple and appealing look and feel and allows the parent to fully control the child’s online experience.

Once the plugin is installed, an administrator account is created along with accounts for your children. The plugin also let you set the level of each child, either for children who can read or for younger children who cant. Should the second level be selected, the UI is changed as to not display a URL and search bar but rather icons representing predefined sites.

Once Glubble is configured, Firefox will present you with a family sign on screen every time it is started. The plugin uses a preloaded white list of sites which can be fully maintained by the administrator account.


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