7th Son Book 3


Be sure to subscribe to the 3rd book of the popular podcast novel by J.C. Hutchins, 7th Son. The story, which would make a brilliant movie, centers around the lives of 7 human clones that need to stop the villain of all villains from destroying the world. The podcast which is read and produced by the author is as good as any professional audio book out there.

From the 7th Son Site:

7th Son is a free serialized audiobook. It chronicles the story of seven strangers who have been brought together after the recent assassination of the U.S. president. These men quickly discover they all appear to be the same man … with identical childhood memories.

Unwitting participants in a human cloning experiment, these “John Michael Smiths” have been assembled to catch the man who murdered the president. Their target? The man they were cloned from; the original John Michael Smith, code-named John Alpha.

If you’ve not been a fan from the start of book 1, J.C. has posted a story-so-far podcast that allows you to catch up.

This is great entertainment, and the best part is that its free.



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