Christian Bale, The World’s Best Actor?

FILMWAD was a great post about my favorite actor, Christian Bale. Here are a few extracts from the article:

Christian Bale is eighteen times cooler than you, or anyone you will ever meet. This is a fact.

Bale was born in Wales, and he most assuredly has a British accent. Yet for what seems to be the majority of his films (Equilibrium, American Psycho, Shaft, Harsh Times, etc), Bale has a damn-near-perfect American accent.

Bale is one of the few actors in the world who can effortlessly glide from shallow, pop entertainment, to quasi-arthouse fare, to everything in between – often adding a lot more class and dignity to roles and films than they really have any right to.

Link to Christian Bale’s profile on IMDB


One Response to “Christian Bale, The World’s Best Actor?”

  1. finaltaxi Says:

    My wife was a fan of his when he played in Little Women ( the one with Susan Sarandon and Wynoda Ryder) .

    Equilibrium is a we done underrated film .

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