South Africa, Third World when it comes to Broadband

According to, South Africa is well behind in the broadband race when it comes to average download speeds. The site allows users to test their connection speeds which it then records and compares with results from across the globe.

The “who’s who” when it comes to broadband is as follows:

  1st – Japan – 9982 Kbps average downlink speed

  2nd – Sweden – 7304 Kbps

  3rd – Latvia – 6251 Kbps

  8th – United States – 4695 Kbps

South Africa is even well behind other African countries. Renuion ranks in tops with an average download speed of 1268 Kbps followed by Morocco with 1126 Kbps. South Africa comes in fourth with an average of 623 Kbps.

Link to article


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