Tiesto coming to South Africa?

According to Tiesto’s website, he will be in Johannesburg on the 20th Oct 2007 and will be playing in Sandton. Computicket have yet to list the event.

This from the horse’s mouth, Tiesto’s agent:

The only thing true about the rumours is that
we’re currently looking into a possible gig in South

Nothing is 100% sure, nothing is confirmed and
whatever rumour’s been going around town is
based on nothing but… rumours!

Anyway, we’re looking into it and as soon as
we have a promoter, a venue and an officially
confirmed date, we’ll publish it on www.tiesto.com

Link to the Agent’s website
Link to Tiesto’s Great Podcast
Link to the Podcast’s RSS Feed


5 Responses to “Tiesto coming to South Africa?”

  1. Rainier Says:


    Im looking at bringing tiesto down to south africa in 2007/2008

    pls forward me details etc regarding this

    kind regards

    RL Audio
    Slip Dj Network

  2. AVESH SINGH Says:

    please do 2008/9

  3. Anchris Joubert Says:

    when will Tiesot come to South Africa again.please bring him back in 2010…we mis him live

  4. tiesto Says:

    Hey checkout my about tiesto

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