Computrainer 3D Update

RacerMate have released an update to their Computrainer 3D software. The update includes the following:

  • Added a new Drag Factor routine to allow you to adjust for the speed/watts relationship seen when riding in an more aero position. This update requires a new Handlebar Controller program (version 45.43 or higher) and this can be purchased after this version passes BETA.
  • Added a post-race performance report. At the end of the race, a “save report” request will appear and a HTML report with the same name save structure as performance files will be saved in the CompuTrainer 3D V3 folder.
  • An improved Autodetection. If you had troubles with this, this version should fix it.
  • Replaced the Build A Course and Let’s Ride buttons.
  • Fixed the Time-Delay Pacer to operate the way it’s supposed to.
  • Added First Person rider view.

00000165_df_window_riders.gifLink to the download
Link to ActiveWorx which is the South African Computrainer dealer


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