It’s been a while

Things have been pretty crazy for me over the last month or two. Its been a while since I’ve posted something of interest. It’s similar to not going to gym for an extended period. It’s only when you start again to you realize how much you missed it.

A few quick points.

Flock 1.0
I’m posting this from the new 1.0 version of Flock. The Mozilla based browser has been in beta for quite a while. I’ve given it a try a number of times and it has failed to impress every time. With the new Facebook integration and other features like Flickr, Twitter etc working first time, I’m really impressed. Download it and give it a try if you keen on something new and exciting.

Rugby World Cup Final
 Tomorrow is the final of the Rugby World Cup. It has special meaning to me as I was once taught by the Springbok coach Jake White at Jeppe Boys. As confident as I am, I really hope the team win it for Jake and the rest of the country. We really need something like this again!

    South African Crime
    images1.jpg I woke up this morning hearing about the death of a South Africa icon, Lucky Dube. He was apparently shot in a hijacking in front of his children who he was dropping off at his brother’s house. I’m really struggling to understand why he had to be shot. Take his car, money etc but why the need for violence.

    Callers in to the radio this morning mentioned that this might be the catalyst that government needs to sort our the crime situation. I’m sad to say that I don’t think it is.


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