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Facebook Ads: The Birth of Something Huge

November 7, 2007

Facebook today released something that I’m positive will be as big as Google Adwords. They are now providing anyone, from big business to a mother selling cookies as a hobby, with the ability to target advertising at an exact audience.

Something that makes this interesting is that you don’t need a website before taking advantage of the service. Unlike Google Adwords, where a user generated advert directs to an existing website, Facebook allows you to create Facebook Pages free of charge. With features like a news feed, photos, videos, fans and reviews, Facebook Pages provides a tool for truly connecting a company or a product with its customers. Word-of-mouth is soon to be replaced with Word-of-Facebook.

While creating the ad, you are presented with a approximate number of users that you will reach. For example, South African males, 18 to 25 who like rugby returns a result of about 5140 users. You can even narrow the selection on political views, relationship status and workplaces. When before have marketers been given this power?

Another way to promote your business or product is to use Facebook Beacon. Beacon allows you to publish actions taken on your site to a users Facebook profile. Imagine advertising the fact that a member sat down to play in an on-line poker tournament to all their Facebook friends. The possibilities are endless.

Welcome to a new era, things are getting interesting!


TechCrunch has an interesting post this morning on the latest forecast for Internet Advertising from eMarketer. They say that in the U.S. Internet advertising will rise from $21 billion this year to $42 billion in 2011. They also state that the web’s share of the advertising pie will roughly double from 7.4 percent to 13.3 percent. Link


Amazon deals via Twitter

June 4, 2007

twitter_logoI’ve been using Twitter for a couple months now and am fascinated how the service has grown from strength to strength. I still believe that the true potential of Twitter has yet to be found. The ability to reach anyone via any medium could and I think will revolutionize the PR and advertising worlds.

Today I read that Amazon is using Twitter to announce Gold Box Deals. These deals can be pushed out to a massive audience via RSS, email, SMS etc.

Imagine having personalized recommendations sent to you as and when they become available. If I were in the market for a Wii, I could update a service like Amazon and they would notify me of specials, stock levels, games, reviews etc. When I’ve had enough, I simple cancel the request.


Display Ads during PVR fast forward

September 1, 2006

With the advent of the PVR, viewers now have the ability to fast forward through ads of recorded shows. Advertisers and Entertainment providers like Multichoice need to think outside of the box to solve this problem. Some would like the functionality disabled or even outlawed while others like myself love the new ideas being thought up all the time.

Colin Davies has patented a new system for providing visible messages during PVR fast fowarding. His “System for providing visible messages during pvr trick mode playback” lets advertisers get their message across even when you’re skipping over their ads, by having marketers embed a series of images in the full frames that get displayed when fast-forwarding. There wouldn’t be any sound, and the image wouldn’t be quite as dynamic, but they’d still be able to get their point across.

Link to Engadget story