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It’s been a while

October 19, 2007

Things have been pretty crazy for me over the last month or two. Its been a while since I’ve posted something of interest. It’s similar to not going to gym for an extended period. It’s only when you start again to you realize how much you missed it.

A few quick points.

Flock 1.0
I’m posting this from the new 1.0 version of Flock. The Mozilla based browser has been in beta for quite a while. I’ve given it a try a number of times and it has failed to impress every time. With the new Facebook integration and other features like Flickr, Twitter etc working first time, I’m really impressed. Download it and give it a try if you keen on something new and exciting.

Rugby World Cup Final
 Tomorrow is the final of the Rugby World Cup. It has special meaning to me as I was once taught by the Springbok coach Jake White at Jeppe Boys. As confident as I am, I really hope the team win it for Jake and the rest of the country. We really need something like this again!

    South African Crime
    images1.jpg I woke up this morning hearing about the death of a South Africa icon, Lucky Dube. He was apparently shot in a hijacking in front of his children who he was dropping off at his brother’s house. I’m really struggling to understand why he had to be shot. Take his car, money etc but why the need for violence.

    Callers in to the radio this morning mentioned that this might be the catalyst that government needs to sort our the crime situation. I’m sad to say that I don’t think it is.


    South African Crime: St Tropez Update

    July 3, 2007

    One the same day that South African safety and security minister Charles Nqakula released the crime states for the year ending 31 March 2007, news is that there have been some major developments regarding the shooting at St Tropez restaurant here in Durban.

    ECR Newswatch is reporting that in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Durban’s Organised Crime Unit swooped in at a house in KwaMashu. Rasta Msisi, the man believed to have killed Marc Joubert, opened fire on police and was as result shot and killed at the scene.

    A second suspect was also arrested in Umbilo. He is suspected of helping Msisi sells the goods stolen from St Tropez.

    With the good news comes the bad thou. Just over 19 000 people were murdered in South Africa last year. As for Kawzulu Natal, there were 5 000 murders and 40 000 houses burgled. With the 2010 Soccer world cup only a few years away and our government telling the international community that crime is on the decrease, it seems that matters are only getting worse. I’m afraid that the light at the end of the tunnel is fading.

    Link to the ECR Newswatch story
    Link to the story in which our safety and security minister asks the public if there will be any major threats against the tournament. He wants us to tell him if there are going to be any bombs in the stadiums.

    Selebi Tells CNN that SA Crime is down

    June 8, 2007


    Minutes after telling a CNN journalist that crime in South Africa was on the decline, national Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi told local reporters he couldn’t give them any information on the country’s crime statistics.

    He told a CNN journalist who had asked him about the recent high level of crime in South Africa: “There’s been a percentage decrease.”

    What is the reason behind the government’s  “head in the sand” attitude? They cannot be that stupid! Perhaps I’m giving them too much credit. 


    More on the St Tropez shooting

    May 29, 2007
    1. Playing dead saved my life – IOL

      “Brandon Stirk’s life will never be the same again. He was one of four people who were shot during Saturday night’s dramatic robbery at Durban’s popular St Tropez restaurant and believes he survived by playing dead when a gang of robbers “crashed” a private function.”

      “Police spokesperson Superintendent Vincent Mdunge said people should rest assured that these robberies were isolated incidents.”


    2. Crime Wave – The Mercury

      “So brazen are these criminal gangs becoming that they are prepared to attack innocent patrons in public places like restaurants, as happened at the popular St Tropez pavement restaurant on Durban’s Berea on Saturday night, with tragic results.”


    3. I will not close down – IOL

      “He will not be cowed by criminals. This is the vow of restaurateur Larry Goldberg after the horrific killing of a patron and the shooting of several others at his popular St Tropez restaurant on Saturday evening.”

      “Mdunge said no arrests have yet been made, but police were working hard to track down the robbers.”

      “The men fled in a white minibus taxi and a grey Opel Corsa, she said.”


    Durban Restaurant Shooting Hits Home

    May 27, 2007

    My brother inlaw was shot during last nights robbery at St Tropez, a restaurant here in Durban. He is doing well after an operation this afternoon to remove the bullet from his stomach and will hopefully be home by Wednesday. The last 24 hours have been crazy!

    These are snippets from the East Coast Radio Newswatch Blog

    There’s shock and outrage over a brazen armed robbery – which claimed one life – at the popular St Tropez restaurant in Essenwood Road on Saturday night…

    … seven gunmen had barged into the popular restaurant from separate entrances – the St Thomas Road side and the Essenwood Park side – and held up diners.

    The gunmen forced patrons and staff to lie on the ground; many people were threatened or slapped around, and at some point, total chaos broke out and the suspects began firing at random. Witnesses say about 15 shots were fired.

    Three diners and a waiter were shot in the drama. One of the diners, Marc Joubert of Westville, was rushed through to Entabeni hospital. Tragically, he died a little while later. Family members and friends were at the hospital at the time.

    The three other men who were shot and wounded – two other patrons and a waiter – are all stable.

    Meanwhile, members of the Organised Crime Unit have taken over the investigation from local police. Questions are being asked of the original officers on scene who allegedly did not process the scene, forensically, as thoroughly as they should have.

    Link to the full post and comments

     My sincere condolences to the Joubert family for your tragic loss.