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Site Review –

January 26, 2008

Pixoo, currently in private beta, offers a pretty unique service. They claim to be the first digital beauty salon who will rework personal photos that can then be used on any number of today’s social sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc.

With everyone being vein by nature and having at least one thing about then that they would like to change, I thought the site was on to something.

After being accepted as a beta tester, I thought I’d give the site a try and submitted a photo of myself. I paid the $9.90 and was looking forward to seeing the results.

originalThe Original

I asked them to clean the photo up, remove the red-eye, change the background and perhaps change the shirt. I also mentioned that I’d like to use the new photo for professional purposes.
The finished Product

This is the finished product that I received after 3 attempts. Needless to say I’m not sold. I only approved the final version to conclude the process as I felt that not much more was going to be done to improve the photo.

I still think the site is a really good idea. Perhaps the original that I sent them was not of the best quality or perhaps there is not much that can be done to a mug like mine.

I have no formal complaints other than I’m not happy with the result and will not be using it on my Facebook profile.



C# Pagination for Facebook iFrame Applications

December 18, 2007

The original PHP code is from Ascanio Colonna (Link)