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Computrainer launches Real Course Videos

February 7, 2008

Earlier this week, CompuTrainer released their latest product, interactive real course videos. They filmed 16 Ironman races as well as the Tour of California and developed new software to precisely synchronise the film speed with your speed on the Computrainer.

The software’s features are similar to the current 3D software and include SpinScan, performance recording and detailed performance data.

Each course comes on a separate DVD. I really would’ve liked the course videos to be made available via download.

I’ve personally recently opted for the Erg Video solution, placing my order a few days before the Computrainer release. I’d keen to try both products and compare how they perform against each other. Being a huge fan of the Computrainer, I know I’m going buy at least of few of their new course videos. Perhaps only in a few months thou.

The Ironman Coeur d’Alene DVD is currently available to order online. They also have a list of the upcoming releases.



View the CompuTrainer and the Real Course Videos on the Today Show.


It’s been a while

October 19, 2007

Things have been pretty crazy for me over the last month or two. Its been a while since I’ve posted something of interest. It’s similar to not going to gym for an extended period. It’s only when you start again to you realize how much you missed it.

A few quick points.

Flock 1.0
I’m posting this from the new 1.0 version of Flock. The Mozilla based browser has been in beta for quite a while. I’ve given it a try a number of times and it has failed to impress every time. With the new Facebook integration and other features like Flickr, Twitter etc working first time, I’m really impressed. Download it and give it a try if you keen on something new and exciting.

Rugby World Cup Final
 Tomorrow is the final of the Rugby World Cup. It has special meaning to me as I was once taught by the Springbok coach Jake White at Jeppe Boys. As confident as I am, I really hope the team win it for Jake and the rest of the country. We really need something like this again!

    South African Crime
    images1.jpg I woke up this morning hearing about the death of a South Africa icon, Lucky Dube. He was apparently shot in a hijacking in front of his children who he was dropping off at his brother’s house. I’m really struggling to understand why he had to be shot. Take his car, money etc but why the need for violence.

    Callers in to the radio this morning mentioned that this might be the catalyst that government needs to sort our the crime situation. I’m sad to say that I don’t think it is.

    Computrainer 3D Update

    August 6, 2007

    RacerMate have released an update to their Computrainer 3D software. The update includes the following:

    • Added a new Drag Factor routine to allow you to adjust for the speed/watts relationship seen when riding in an more aero position. This update requires a new Handlebar Controller program (version 45.43 or higher) and this can be purchased after this version passes BETA.
    • Added a post-race performance report. At the end of the race, a “save report” request will appear and a HTML report with the same name save structure as performance files will be saved in the CompuTrainer 3D V3 folder.
    • An improved Autodetection. If you had troubles with this, this version should fix it.
    • Replaced the Build A Course and Let’s Ride buttons.
    • Fixed the Time-Delay Pacer to operate the way it’s supposed to.
    • Added First Person rider view.

    00000165_df_window_riders.gifLink to the download
    Link to ActiveWorx which is the South African Computrainer dealer

    Hulk Hogan Admits Steroid Abuse

    August 5, 2007

    hulk.jpgWith the Tour de France just having finished under a cloud of scandal, it is becoming more and more apparent that few of today’s sporting heroes are clean. Most of the popular sports such as Baseball, Wrestling, Cycling, Golf etc have been hit by drug and steriod abuse stories. As a huge cycling fan, I’m really worried about the future of the sport and sports in general. A win-at-all-costs attitude seems to be taught to our kids from an early age. When did participation become more work and fun?

    Former WWE Wrestling star Hulk Hogan has admitted to years of steriod abuse in an exclusive Sun interview. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

    “My face was puffy, my arms were so bulky I couldn’t touch my shoulders. You could take one look at me and know I was on something.

    “I remember up until the early 1990s any wrestler could walk into a doctor and they’d write you a prescription for steroids. ” Then there was a huge trial where WWE boss Vince McMahon was unfairly accused and rightly acquitted of distributing the drugs to his workers.

    “It was part of my daily regimen. Did you take a shower? Yeah. Did you brush your teeth? Yeah. Did you take your steroids? Yeah.

    Link to the article

    300 rep Spartan Workout with Video

    July 31, 2007

    Mens Health has a great piece on the lengths the actors took to get ripped for the movie 300.

    This from the article:

    “One actor from 300, Andrew Pleavin, completed the workout in 18 minutes,11 seconds,” says Ballantyne. “He didn’t practice this workout…and neither did I. My time? 19:07. My butt was kicked by a Hollywood actor!”

    “It’s a brutal workout, starting out strong and slowing down, finishing at a crawl,” explains Ballantyne. “I don’t plan on doing that any time soon or, really, ever again.”

    All exercises are done without scheduled rest between moves. Obviously this is an advanced workout…you shouldn’t do it unless you are already in great shape.

    Link to the article
    Direct link to video hosted at Brightcove

    Tour de France: Rasmussen Sacked

    July 26, 2007

    After watching an amazing mountain stage win last night by Rasmussen, I read today that he has been sacked by his Rabobank team after they learnt that he lied to them about his whereabouts in June. Contador now assumes the race lead for four days remaining.

    I suppose there is not much else to say. This will be my last Tour de France related post.

    Link to BBC article

    Tour de France: 11th Stage dope cheat arrested

    July 25, 2007

    Earlier today it was announced that a competitor in this years Tour de France was found positive for testosterone from tests conducted after the 11th stage. When I first heard this I felt a little sick to my stomach. South African Robbie Hunter, one of my cycling idols won the 11th stage and by so doing was automatically tested. is reporting that the dope cheat is in fact Italian Christian Moreni and that he was arrested after today’s 16th stage. The article goes on to say that his team’s hotel room was also raided by police. Moreni is a member of the Cofidis cycling team.

    Link to the article

    Tour de France: Final Nail?

    July 24, 2007

    The BBC is reporting that Vinokourov has failed a tour doping test. The tour favorite tested positive for blood doping after Saturday’s stage which he won.

    Astana, Vinokourov’s team, have withdrawn all riders from the race.

    “According to the ethical code of the Astana Cycling Team Alexandre Vinokourov has been suspended from the team with immediate effect. The rider has asked nevertheless for a B-sample analysis.

    “Informed by the Astana management, the organisers of the Tour de France invited the team to withdraw, which was immediately accepted.”

    Link to BBC Article

    Live Tour de France Tracker

    July 14, 2007

    logo.gifUbilabs has created the perfect Tour de France companion, a live ticker which plots the exact position and additional data (heart rate, cadence, speed, power) of the racing cyclists on an interactive map. Even if you lucky enough to find yourself in front of a TV during the stages, this is a must. It gives visitors a glimpse of what it is really like out there.


    Live Tour de France Feeds

    July 6, 2007

    Training Peaks, the developers of Cycling Peaks WKO+ has just announced that they will be broadcasting live feeds from this years Tour de France featuring selected riders. You will be able to track their GPS position on a map, see speed, power, heart rate and distance all live.

    You will also be able to  download the riders data files after each stage and use Cycling Peaks WKO+ to compare a stage to your own training.

    Normally I would be really excited about the race, but I afraid with all the recent doping news I’m not sure which riders I trust enough to support. I would still love to be in London for the start of the race thou.

    Link to the 2006 Tour de France Data